A brief guide to DESTINY 2 Classes.

Have you been hit with the reroll fever when you’ve seen the short – but intense – Destiny 2: Beyond Light class trailers? Are you a new Guardian, young and lively, wondering which class is right for you? Or are you just fed up with falling all the time as a Titan during the Whisper Jumping Puzzle?

Fret not: should you hesitate about which class to play in Destiny 2, we’ve got you covered with this short and somewhat comprehensive guide. Let’s get down to business. 

Titans. You may be the joke of the community, but do not despair: despite your obsession with crayons (you’ll understand), you play an indispensable role in the team, taking the blows for others while providing barriers and defenses. Without you, they’d all be dead (or waiting for revives). Overall, Titan is a pretty straightforward class that excels both in group and solo play. That is, until you are confronted with a jumping puzzle.
In Beyond Light, become a little more badass and jump around, punchin’ n freezin’ stuff.

Hunters. The opposite of Titans. Sneaky, ninja-like players who run as much as Dark Souls players roll. First rule: avoid fighting. You excel in solo play - teammates? What teammates? Accuracy is your motto. You’re the glass cannon who wreaks havoc in the ranks of the enemies… if you play it right.  Nevertheless, the triple jump mechanic is great and allows you, first, to make fun of your Titan friends who fall, second, not to fall during jumping puzzles. 

In Beyond Light, stay even further away from the fight and throw tomahawks around, for sick montages.

Warlocks. You glide through space when you aren’t teleporting. You wield fire (more or less), thunder (more or less), even the Void! Like any self-respecting magic class (yes, yes, it’s not magic, it’s e-ner-gies), you create a visual mess more than you do damage – and it’s quite alright. Throw in some Rifts to make it look like you care about your team and you have yourself a Warlock.
In Beyond Light, you wield a staff. “You’re a wizard Harry!”

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