APEX: Welcome to the Arena


Back in February 2019, when the craze for Fortnite had already reached its peak, nobody expected Apex Legends to – literally – drop out of nowhere. As far as people knew, Respawn, the studio behind Apex Legends, was working on Titanfall 3. Not on a full-fledge Battle Royale game with AAA-rated graphics and fluid movements reminiscent of Titanfall's fast-paced battles.

It wasn’t only technical either. Since release, world building has played an important part in Apex Legends and stories are constantly being created around the old and new Legends - stories that have a direct impact on gameplay, whether by introducing a new Legend into the arena or by one of them destroying it. Or, more simply, by killing the supposed new Legend of the coming season. Did you, too, shudder when Forge was murdered by Revenant?

The narrative model set by Apex Legends, and strongly inspired by Overwatch, allows players to embody characters with a strong personality and whose story unfolds through the seasons. It's as if a solo game, centred on narration, intruded a bit into the colder and more impersonal world of online gaming to give it its colours. Play as a maniac or as a hunter - it’s all up to you.

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