Meet our team!

Hey there!

Thank you for stopping by on our LVLP blog!

I’m Denise, I’m LVLPs Community Manager and in this upcoming blog series I’m going to introduce you to our team - and our mission. 

First things first, I’ll introduce myself and what I do. Whenever you interact with us on our social platforms, chances are (very high) that you’ll be speaking to me. My main job is to keep LVLPs social media sites on fleek and to talk about all things gaming with you. 

It’s no secret that we at LVLP are all passionate about video games - some of my personal favourite gaming series and games are Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Stardew Valley, Grim Fandango, Pokémon, Ragnarok Online and lots more.

My journey into games began when I watched my uncle play games like Grim Fandango and Commandos on the PC. I was too young to get my own system, but at the age of 6 I finally got a Game Boy with Pokémon Silver which shaped a lot of my future interests.

Games have awakened my craving for adventures early on in life and they’re one of the reasons why I began to travel a lot. Apart from being a Community Manager, I also work as an artist and that’s where my passion for gaming and travels really come into play - next to anime, it is my main source of inspiration for doing art. 

Games with unique, nostalgic and weird art styles are some of my favourite.

That creativity is also what fuels us to create gaming merchandise that’s truly driven by the games they are based on. Whether it is by adding small details only passionate fans will recognise - or by giving our items a personal and nostalgic feel. It is all about our love for the games we play and connecting fans of the same games all over the world by making fashionable apparel. 

Other than games, the most important thing to us is you. The games you like, the items you’d like to wear - we would love to know! 

Feel free to @ us on any pages or show us your gear with #levelupwear <3

See you soon!

- surudenise